Is That New Paint Smell Safe?

Have you ever entered a freshly painted room and NOT noticed a smell?

It's rare.

We can all tell when a homeowner has put on a fresh new coat of paint to spruce up a room.

While I am a big believer in painting and making a place feel like home, I also know that this quick and easy fix often brings in a TON of nasty health hazards.

It shouldn't have to be this way.

That new paint smell is not a good thing. It's just like a new car smell.

That smell is actually VOCs off gassing into the indoor air. Which, of course, greatly diminishes your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ, as we learned about earlier in the course).

But here's the thing - NO odor DOESN'T mean NO nasty chemicals!

Perhaps the most ironic thing is that homeowners have been fooled into thinking that getting rid of the new paint smell means  their exposure to nasty chemicals has stopped.


Buying a paint that promises no odor doesn't help you in any way. In fact, even more chemicals can be added to the paint to make the odor disappear.

Sure, you can eventually get that new paint smell to disappear after airing out the house. And, trust me, no one wants to keep that smell around for long.

But, after the tell-tale smell is long gone, bits of chemicals and VOCs are still coming off into your indoor air from paint. Even if you don't smell it.

Which is why it's so important to choose the right paint. (Trust me, I've chosen a LOT of bad ones along the way, so I totally understand!) But, as you're about to see, No-VOC paint might not be the best answer...

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