Ultimate Home Detox Guide

Your home affects your health just like diet and exercise do. Get rid of harmful chemicals and create a healing environment where you live with these easy steps. 
My Health Story
What is a WELL AP?
What to Expect in This Course
Why Our Homes Are So Unhealthy
Wellness for a Modern World: Beyond Eating Right and Exercising
If It's For Sale, It's Safe - Right?!?
Sick Building Syndrome
Misleading Labels and Certifications
Symptoms vs. Cause - Which One Do You Treat?
Indoor Air Quality: The Air You Breathe
What Does Indoor Air Quality Mean?
Measuring Indoor Air Quality
How Air Gets So Gross in Your Home
What Are VOCs?
Health Problems from Bad Air
How to Test Your Indoor Air
How to Choose an Air Purifier
Water Quality
Why Your Water Isn't Pure
Is Bottled Water Better?
Lead in Drinking Water
How to Test Your Water Quality
How to Filter Water for Drinking and Bathing
What is Mold?
Mold-Related Health Problems
Where Does Mold Grow?
How to Test for Mold
Killing Mold In Your Home
Fixing Moisture Problems
When You Should Hire Professionals
Water Leak Detectors
Where Does Lead Hide?
Health Problems from Lead Exposure
Government Oversight & Free Informational Resources
How to Test for Lead
Removing Lead From Your Home
Please Leave Your Shoes at the Door Sign.pdf
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Dust and Dust Mites
Dust: More Than an Ugly Nuisance
What Are Dust Mites?
Health Effects from Dust Mites
Where Do Dust Mites Hide?
How to Kill Dust Mites and Get Rid of Them
How to Dust Properly
Kitchen Detox
Problem With Plastics
Non-Stick is a No-No
Best Food Storage Products
How Do Plants Detox Indoor Air?
How Many Plants Do I Need?
Plants That Detox Your Indoor Air
50 Best Plants to Clean Indoor Air Printable.pdf
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Houseplant Care and Feeding Tips
Is That New Paint Smell Safe?
Is No-VOC Paint the Best?
What Types of Paint Are Best?
Air Fresheners and Home Fragrance
Why Fragrance Isn't ONE Ingredient
Surprising Places Artificial Fragrances Hide
Remove Odors, Don't Mask
Essential Oils and Home Fragrance
DIY Natural Air Fresheners
Natural Air Fresheners: What to Buy
What's Lurking Under Your Feet?
Types of Flooring and How to Choose the Best For You
Is All Carpeting Bad?
What to Avoid if You Want Carpet in Your Home
Is Hardwood the Best Allergy Friendly Option?
Cheers to Cork Flooring!
Why Retro is a Smart Choice
Furniture and Cabinetry
Real Wood vs. Pressed Woods
Engineered Woods & Formaldehyde
How to Reduce or Remove Formaldehyde Exposure
Non-Toxic Cushions for Furniture
Furniture Buying Tips and Where to Buy
What Are EMFs?
Where Do EMFs Hide?
Health Effects of EMFs
How To Test Your EMF Levels
Reducing EMF Exposure
Products To Protect From EMF Exposure
What is Radon?
Testing for Radon
Pest Control
Pests in the Home
What are Pesticides?
How Pesticides Can Affect Your Health
Poison Control Numbers.pdf
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How to Stop Pests from Moving In
Natural Pest Control
Less Toxic Pesticides to Buy
10 Step Quick Start Checklist
Ultimate Home Detox 10 Step Quickstart Guide.pdf
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