I'm so glad you've found my Get Green Be Well Academy! I hope it's a great resource for you to improve wellness at home.
My life was filled with mysterious illnesses and chronic conditions that baffled doctors. It was a struggle just to have someone believe that I something was not right. Maybe you feel that way, too?

I was so tired of researching online trying to figure out what might be wrong with me.
Or you're just tired of not feeling as great as you could? You are just constantly dragging through life without actually being really sick.

Maybe your family thinks you are lazy, making it up, or it's all in your head.

And you keep thinking that you've just got to snap out of it somehow.

Yep, I've also been there and done that!

Maybe you've read about the ways that products in your home could potentially be causing health problems. 

And it seems like a lightbulb went off. Yes, you are NOT losing your mind! 

Perhaps it has something to do with your home or office. But you don't know where to start even looking (and you're so tired of spending hours researching the internet on a wild goose chase.)
I understand.

It wasn't until I took a good, hard look at my home and started cleaning it up that my health problems suddenly started improving. That was after a decade of all sorts of doctors telling me that nothing could be done to improve my health.

And at the time, I was only in my twenties. I was NOT going to live disabled and in chronic pain for the rest of my life.

With every change I made, I started noticing positive improvements. Eventually, I stopped walking with a cane, using a wheelchair and unable to get out of bed to becoming a thriving, happy human being that could work again!

I am not a doctor. And I can't guarantee these results for you. But I am a Certified WELL AP that knows how living and working environments can affect your health. And I have lived the nightmare of having everyone think I was crazy for being so sick.

Wherever you are in your life, whether it's trying to avoid illness, increase wellness, or overcome mysterious health symptoms, I hope that these resources in Get Green Be Well Academy will help you live your best life!

Ultimate Home Detox Guide

Your home affects your health just like diet and exercise do. Get rid of harmful chemicals and create a healing environment where you live with these easy steps. 

Best Houseplants to Detox Your Home

Discover which houseplants are easy to grow, hard to kill and create fresh indoor air.

Homemade Beauty Products from Your Kitchen

51 natural and effective beauty recipes made from food ingredients found in your kitchen. Create an at-home spa right now with pantry items.
View product $5.99

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep Checklist

Sleep better with these houseplants in your bedroom. Add a few of these plants to increase oxygen in your bedroom at night, and remove toxins while you sleep.

Minimalism Printables

Three minimalism printables to inspire and encourage you to live simply and embrace joy!

Minimalism with No Regrets eBook

How to embrace a more simple lifestyle without getting rid of the things that bring you joy!

30 Day Declutter Checklist

Get organized and create a healthier home in 30 days or less. Free printable checklist.

Monthly Calendar

Blank calendar perfect for customizing. Try it with the 30 Day Declutter Challenge.

Best Foundation and Powder at the Drugstore

Foundations, powders, primers and concealers that are non-toxic and safer choices.

Best Non-Toxic Eye Makeup Products at the Drugstore

Don't spend a fortune buying makeup! These non-toxic choices are inexpensive and easy to find.

Best Non-Toxic Blush and Bronzers at Drugstores

Don't spend a fortune buying blush, bronzer or highlighters! These non-toxic choices are inexpensive and easy to find.

10 Best Lead Free Lipsticks

Buy these brands to avoid lead in your lipstick every day.

Surfaces to Disinfect Checklist

Killing germs and viruses at home? Here's a handy checklist of surfaces that need to be disinfected to prevent illness spreading.

How to Clean and Disinfect Toys

Printable checklist of non-toxic ways to clean and disinfect children's toys.

Social Media Detox

A free checklist and tracker for reducing your social media use and perhaps feeling happier.

Self Care Checklist

Self Care Checklist with 30 days of Ideas to take care of yourself physically and mentally.

Plastic Grocery Bag Holder Container

Create a plastic grocery bag holder with an upcycled oatmeal container and this decorative wrapper.

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Recipes to naturally dye Easter eggs in a rainbow of colors. 

About the Author

Kimberly Button is a Certified WELL AP, founder of GetGreenBeWell.com,  author of The Everything Guide to a Healthy Home, and an overcomer of a range of illnesses, including childhood cancer, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and mold illness. She found that by cleaning up her home from common toxins, her health improved and she was able to overcome illnesses that doctors couldn't previously figure out.